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Redwood Capital Group Awarded for Work in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Redwood Capital Group
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Gregory Bedrosian is the Greenwich, Connecticut-based co-founder and CEO of Redwood Capital Group, an independent investment banking group. With his MBA from Harvard Business School, Gregory Bedrosian went on to gain a wealth of international experience in M&A and private equity transactions in the United States and across Europe before transitioning to Connecticut. Since its founding, Redwood Capital Group has won several awards, including the M&A Deal of the Year and Deal Financing of the Year at the fifth annual International M&A Advisor Awards.

M&A Advisor has been publishing intelligence and insights about mergers and acquisitions since 1998. Its International M&A Advisor Awards honors professionals with top performances in transactions all over the world.

Redwood Capital was recognized with the Deal of the Year award for advising Paul Heth and Patton Media in their 2012 acquisition of Karo Film, a major movie theater chain in Russia. The Deal Financing of the Year award recognized the company for helping to secure private equity financing for the Karo Film transaction from various other investors. The awards were judged by an independent panel comprising representatives from over 250 nominated companies.


Restructuring Services from Redwood Capital Group

Redwood Capital Group pic
Redwood Capital Group
Image: redcapgroup.com

Gregory Bedrosian of Greenwich, Connecticut, graduated from Harvard Business School with his MBA in 1992 and went on to help found Renaissance Capital & the Sputnik Group in Moscow. Now back in the United States, Gregory Bedrosian serves as the CEO and managing partner of Redwood Capital Group.

An advisory services firm, Redwood Capital Group assists clients in areas such as corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and valuation advisory. Redwood also provides restructuring services for businesses facing financial challenges.

Although Redwood handles crises through its restructuring services, the company sets its sights higher than merely having a business weather difficult times. Rather, Redwood’s restructuring efforts include exploration of numerous potentials for future success. In order to achieve this goal, the company maintains a full-service investment bank to support clients with sufficient capital.

Redwood has provided restructuring services across a diverse range of industries and worked with both venture and private equity funds. Its areas of expertise include assignments for the benefit of creditors (ABCs) management, capital sourcing, debtor and creditor advisory, and insolvency/bankruptcy.

Redwood Capital Earns Industry Awards

Gregory Bedrosian
Mr. Bedrosian

“The Redwood Capital Group has announced that it has been named the winner of the 2014 “Technology, Media, Telecom Deal of the Year” award for its role as investment banking advisor to U.S.-based Globe Wireless on its sale to UK-based Inmarsat by the ACG New York Champion’s Awards.”

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World’s Greatest Emerging Market

Gregory Bedrosian
Gregory Bedrosian, Redwood Capital Group

“My mentor, a very successful international investor, recently challenged me to name the world’s greatest emerging market. Knowing of my on-the-ground experience and career-long interest in emerging markets, he paused with a smile as I considered the logical answers — China, India, Brazil and Russia. Or perhaps he had in mind a “frontier market” of Sub-Saharan Africa or South-East Asia. But his answer surprised me — the USA.”

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Gregory Bedrosian, “We’re Investment Bankers And We’re Here To Help.”

Gregory Bedrosian
Gregory Bedrosian | CEO, Redwood Capital Group

“In the great financial bail-out, Americans know they’re getting a $700 billion bill for cleaning up a mess made by others. As reluctant buyers in history’s largest transaction what they need is, well, an investment banker. Our job is to advise clients about financial transactions – often to help clarify where they stand after closing a complex, “must-do” deal.”

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