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Redwood Capital Group Awarded for Work in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Redwood Capital Group
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Gregory Bedrosian is the Greenwich, Connecticut-based co-founder and CEO of Redwood Capital Group, an independent investment banking group. With his MBA from Harvard Business School, Gregory Bedrosian went on to gain a wealth of international experience in M&A and private equity transactions in the United States and across Europe before transitioning to Connecticut. Since its founding, Redwood Capital Group has won several awards, including the M&A Deal of the Year and Deal Financing of the Year at the fifth annual International M&A Advisor Awards.

M&A Advisor has been publishing intelligence and insights about mergers and acquisitions since 1998. Its International M&A Advisor Awards honors professionals with top performances in transactions all over the world.

Redwood Capital was recognized with the Deal of the Year award for advising Paul Heth and Patton Media in their 2012 acquisition of Karo Film, a major movie theater chain in Russia. The Deal Financing of the Year award recognized the company for helping to secure private equity financing for the Karo Film transaction from various other investors. The awards were judged by an independent panel comprising representatives from over 250 nominated companies.


CFR’s International Affairs Fellowship

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Council on Foreign Relations
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Award-winning private equity investor Gregory Bedrosian is a Greenwich, Connecticut-based business executive who received his MBA training at Harvard Business School with over two decades of experience. Gregory Bedrosian is a member of the New York chapter of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

CFR is an independent membership organization founded in 1921 that serves as a resource for individuals working in government, journalism, and education to learn more about the foreign policies involving the US and other nations. In order to advance its goals, the CFR offers a fellowship program to mid-career international relations professionals; accepted fellows are given the opportunity to enhance and widen their worldview of foreign affairs through research over a span of twelve months.

There are a number of fellowships available, including the distinguished International Affairs Fellowship (IAF). Launched in 1967, the IAF was intended to help scholars augment their foreign policy experience by advancing their analytic capabilities. Due to its prestige and available resources, only ten applicants with a proven track record of excellence in the field of foreign relations are accepted into the fellowship.

What Is Private Equity?

Redwood Capital Group pic
Redwood Capital Group
Image: redcapgroup.com

A resident of Greenwich, Connecticut, Gregory Bedrosian serves as the CEO and managing partner of Redwood Capital Group in New York. A graduate of the MBA program at Harvard Business School, Gregory Bedrosian draws on his extensive experience in private equity investing.

Private equity funds allow investors to secure a significant stake in a company. The process begins when a private equity firm collects individual contributions. Then it invests this capital in a target organization. Most such organizations are already operating outside of the public stock market or are being de-listed from the market to accommodate private equity investment.

Many private equity transactions involve a reorganizational process known as a leveraged buyout in which investors either purchase the firm from the owners or buy all the shares and take the company private. Investors may also choose not to assume control of the target company right away. In such cases, the equity invested will fund debt payments, organizational growth, or other operations that ultimately increase the investors’ stake in the company.

Private equity can end in a return on investors’ capital through an initial public offering (IPO), the sale of the target company, or a recapitalization from company operations. Returns may occur significantly more quickly than those driven by pure stock portfolios, although there is never any guarantee of an investment’s performance.

HBS Leads Campaign to Support Its Long-Term Success

Gregory Bedrosian, an experienced investment banker based in Greenwich, Connecticut, has been chief executive officer and managing partner of Redwood Capital Group since cofounding the firm in 2003. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Gregory Bedrosian has served as a member of the school’s Alumni Board of Directors.

Harvard Business School (HBS) officials and alumni are currently leading a five-year campaign to ensure that the school continues to lead the field of management education in the 21st century. Now in its second year, the HBS Campaign specifically seeks to strengthen the perception of the school, increase alumni involvement, and secure funding.

In pursuit of these goals, HBS has been holding regional events in cities around the globe. Each event features a reception that gives alumni the opportunity to connect with other graduates and view screenings of two short films about the school, My HBS and The Case for the Future. Thousands of alumni and their guests have attended these regional events, and even more have visited the campaign’s website and made donations to support HBS.

The next HBS Campaign event will take place January 7, 2016, in Mexico. Additional details, including information about how to support the campaign, can be found at http://www.alumni.hbs.edu/campaign.