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Chatham House Partners to Convene Vision Europe Summit

Harvard graduate Gregory Bedrosian leverages his skills in mergers & acquisitions and private equity to serve as managing partner and chief executive officer of Redwood Capital Group. In addition to his work with Redwood and community involvement with Greenwich, Connecticut,, Gregory Bedrosian maintains a professional membership with think tank Chatham House in London.

This November, intellectual leaders from throughout Europe will convene for the first annual Vision Europe Summit at the Bertelsmann Representative Office in Berlin, Germany. The invitation-only summit will bring together members from seven of Europe’s most prominent think tanks, including The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra in Helsinki, Chatham House in London, and Notre Europe Jacques Delors Institute in Paris.

These leaders will evaluate and debate socio-economic topics such as the challenges within different welfare programs throughout Europe, which currently accounts for 22 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 50 percent of its welfare expenditure. During the two-day Vision Europe Summit, foundation leaders will develop and recommend welfare policy changes to cultivate program sustainability and adaptability in the coming years. The summit will present any proposed changes to the public, which will then have the unique opportunity to provide feedback through a national survey.